PAS:ELY Design

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Wondering where to add garnish on a plate to make the dish
look more apperaling to the eye is similar to what we do.
Tossing parsley as garnish on a plate is routine;
boring for both the cook that prepares the meal and the customers who eat it.
Instead, we would choose another garnish,
like a slice of lemon- not parsley,
because the dish would look more desirable to eat.
With this spirit,
we look deeply into the bulding and create the exterior (garnish)
by considering what the architect's (chef's) intention would be.
We will be able to enhace your building as a more appealing "main dish".
We, the staff, are a group of professionals with high staging ability in this spirit.

We have work from 2005.
That was functioning by this industry from before.
A correct number isn't grasped.
It's being also renewed at present.
I think of experience of construction as about 1000 houses.

We have started in Yamaguchi-City from 2005 under the name as "VAR/LIANT".

Satoru miyata               Akito Uesaka               Miho Uozumi               Masafumi Koga     

Do a network in western Japan.
In each office, a person in charge, it's stationed.

We're also putting the emphasis on the way to express.
We make the proposition to tend to understand a customer.


We aren't the company which just lines a ready-made article.
It's appreciated by making an original one point thing.


We interviewed your customer family who dealt formerly.